Villas in Istria Croatia with pools

Villas in Istria Croatia with pools

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Accommodation in Istria Croatia's apartments lead you through the green oasis of untouched nature of the Croatia Mediterranean On the Adriatic at the foot of the Alps is the Mediterranean peninsula closest to central Europe, which is the peninsula of Istria. This green oasis of the Croatian Adriatic is a world of its own and it offers the whole richness of diversity that guarantees an unforgettable holiday in Croatia. Greenery of the fields and forests, native olive groves and vineyards, medieval fairy-tale towns, indented coastline of the Adriatic Sea, crystal clear sea rich in numerous species of fish, pleasant Mediterranean climate and friendly population of Croatia are enough reason to visit the region of Istria for vacation and accommodation for holidays in numerous hotels , Private apartments or rooms, Villas in Istria Croatia, and explore the unique atmosphere of the Istrian region and the Adriatic Sea. Istria Region is divided into Pula Istria and Green Istria. The Blue Istria Istria offers numerous accommodation capacities for tourists who want to explore Istria from its shore full of beautiful beaches and cities that offer historical sights as well as a nightlife. The Brijuni Islands are known for their natural attractions, which should not be missed. You should also visit the beaches of Ladin Gaj and Kangar in Umag, the beaches of Guštinja, Kuvi and the Red Island in Rovinj, the Konversada beach in Vrsar, and the beaches of Histria and Valkan near the town of Pula. Sand beach lovers should not miss the beauty of Bijeca beach in Medulin, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea in the Istrian region. All water sports that can be imagined are available on the banks of Blue Istria. The greenery of the pine trees that blend with the clear blue sea and the scent of the Mediterranean will awaken your appetite for Istrian specialties and gastronomic pleasures. Fish, scampi, shellfish or famous Istrian asparagus and famous Istrian truffles and indigenous Malvazija will leave an unmistakable trace on every palate's palate and embark on an unforgettable Istrian experience. Green Istria, located in the interior of the Istrian peninsula, and again so close to the sea, invites you to relax in a relaxing greenery, opens up doors to its medieval towns and offers a wide range of activities and sports. Whether you choose to stay in hotels, apartments, rooms or farms that nurture agrotourism and provide you with a healthy holiday, do not miss visiting Motovun, Pazin, Buzet and Hum - the smallest town in the world. Treat yourself to Istrian prosciutto, olive oil, wine, fume, and at the end-untouched nature you can find here. Let your green light beauty of Istria provide unforgettable holidays for all generations!

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Life on the coast of Istria has always been connected with the sea. More plowmen in the embrace of her coves sought shelter, fishermen spent their entire lives worshiping this endlessly mysterious expanse, travelers in the ports discovered new love. And all of them will agree on one - the beauty of the Istrian landscape has attracted more than one traveler to stay and a new beginning ... Run along with us along the tiny Istrian crags, go sunbathing from the east to the west, immersing in vivid motives of Mediterranean expression - coves and beaches, boats floating calmly, in the beauty of solitude, waiting.

In the distance on the hill, you will see Labin, a small town that has been proud for centuries in its walls, while its foothill rises at Rabac, lying next to one of the most beautiful beaches in Istria. And then further down to the heaviest cape of Cape Kamenjak, which encircles the west coast where you first greet the thousand-year-old Pula. Look back and keep in mind the sight of the city and its magnificent Arena before you indulge in the isles of the Brijuni Archipelago.

And when you breathe your breath and continue your journey, from the horizon of a little infinity it will give you with its beauty Rovinj-Rovigno, spin the dance of your alleys and let you out of your own in the embrace of the Lim channel. There you will come to the boat to join them and take the song and taste of the Mediterranean to Vrsar Sestrica and then to the Poreč beaches. Say goodbye to swimmers and surfers, and if you run into a bush, you know somewhere in the silence of a blue-haired divers search for some other worlds. Continue to the north, to Savudrija, to the safe harbor will lead you to the oldest lighthouse, but through you captivate the magical Novigrad-Cittanova and Umag-Umag. Fly into the mandrake, a characteristic Istrian harbor. There, on the shore, fishers knit the net, each of them in their thoughts of former times. On their faces are deep memories of wind and sea, salt and storm. Sit by the side and listen to the story of the sea with the little schnitzel and the glass of local malvasia.

Located on the outskirts of Istrian, the small towns are perched on the old gallery and at the same time its most beautiful exhibits. They ascend to heaven and sun, dominate the landscapes as crowns as they weather. Their ramparts remember happy times and will not forget to tell you that particular story about the secrets of their lives. About the fact that builders and artists have been coming through the centuries, and in the old crown embedded new gems that would once again blossom with new shine. When you come from the towers of these old towns of greetings from the bells, come in freely, the city gate is always open. Ponds will be fired from the roofs and people will stop interrupting conversations and children games in the shade of centuries-old lilies and ladies.

And the sun will stop the brush for a moment to glean time and stuff. Your coming will be the beginning of a new story. For the city and for you. Croatia is a small country with beautiful nature, interesting tradition and past, rich cultural heritage, diverse gastronomy ... Croatia has a favorable geographic position because it is located in southeastern Europe, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Central Europe and Southeastern Europe (Balkans). With its 1,185 islands, islets and cliffs, numerous bays and beaches, Croatia has one of the most indented coasts of the Mediterranean and is rightly named the land of a thousand islands.

In Croatia there are 8 national parks whose untouched nature occupies almost 8% of Croatia. These are: Brijuni, Kornati, Krka, Mljet, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, Risnjak and North Velebit. Croatia is the country with the most protected intangible cultural phenomena in Europe - Vlaha, laceworks of Lepoglava, Hvar and Pag, bellows from the area of Kastva, procession for the cross, two-lane singing and playing Istrian scale, the spring procession of Ljelja and traditional wooden toys production from Hrvatsko Zagorje.