Villas in Brac Croatia

Villas in Brac Croatia

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Bol, Brac On the south side of the island of Brac is Bol, the oldest town on the coast of Croatia. Strong sandy and pebble beaches stretching in the distance of ten kilometers and numerous springs of drinking water have made Bol the first tourist oasis on the island of Brac, Croatia . In Bol, you can not avoid the painful pride - the Golden War, certainly the most beautiful beach of the entire Adriatic, which moves its rt to one, now on the other side - playing a strange game with wind and waves.

Island of Brac - the harbor in Bol The Bolska crown, Illyrian fortress of Koštilo and Vidova gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands, rises above the mountain of Bola. Only 15 kilometers away from the international tourist and sporting airport 'Brač' and the fast ferry lines from the town of Supetar, Bol offers a seaside that spoils the crystal-clear sea, the preserved environment and the virgin beauty of Villas in Brac Croatia on which it sang And poet Tin Ujević.

Island of Brac - a house in pain A rich history of Bol, which dates back to ancient times, is attested by numerous archeological finds and monuments - the Roman aqueduct, the tombstones and reliefs, the old Christian sarcophagi, the pre-Romanesque church of St. Ivana and Tudor from XI. The bishop's residence from the 12th century, the church of Our Lady of Mercy from the 15th century, a fortified Gothic summer residence from the XV. Renaissance Baroque Palace with a valuable gallery of contemporary Croatian art 'Branislav Dešković' from the 17th century. And the local church of Our Lady of Carmel from the 18th century. c.

Special importance for the spiritual and cultural life of Bol is the establishment of the Dominican community in 1462 and the construction of a monastery in 1475, where today's collections of prehistoric and ancient maritime archeology, the collection of Roman and early Croatian architecture and sculpture, the numismatic collection and collections of church objects . The museum also features a picture of Madonna with Child and Saints, a work by Venetian painter Tintoretta from 1563.

Bol with its quality hotels offers more than 2500 beds in private accommodation. Apart from a multitude of small restaurants along the sea, discotheques and clubs, Bol offers relaxing moments along with the Dalmatian klapa song, performances by famous opera singers, theatrical performances as well as art exhibitions of famous artists.

The beach in pain As the largest tourist resort on the island of Brac, Bol offers its guests twenty tennis courts, a large tennis stadium with 1820 seats, where every year the world tennis elite gather as guests of the famous tennis tournaments of the Adriatic Riviera and WTA Croatian Bol Ladies Open. Bol is ideal for small football enthusiasts, volleyball, basketball, cycling, more popular extreme sports (trekking, free climbing, paragliding ...), water sports including diving and windsurfing. You will experience a true surfers paradise in the aquarium, always attractive because of the extremely favorable winds.

Sumartin, Brač Sumartin is a picturesque place located in one of the bays on the southeast side of the island of Brač. Chapter Sumartin (originally called Vrhbrač) at the southeast point of Brač was founded by refugees in front of the Turks from Makarska littoral, who in 1646 agreed there. In the already defined land relations on the island, they had to dedicate themselves to fishing, naval and shipbuilding. (There is a small shipyard in the place today.) The foundations of the Franciscan monastery - at the site of the medieval church of St. Peter, Martina, by which Sumartin was named - was set up in 1747 by the famous Dalmatian poet Fra Andrija Kačić-Miošić.

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Supetar, Brač With its 3500 inhabitants, Supetar is the largest settlement on the island of Brač. Supetar is located on the north side of the island of Brač, in the bay of Sv. Petra for which it was named, Supetar is today one of the main tourist centers of Dalmatia. Supetar is connected by ferry to the city of Split, administrative, cultural and transportation of Dalmatia.

Supetar, island of Brac Supetar is home to the Church of the Annunciation from the 18th century. With the bell tower and the church museum. In addition to the church are early Christian mosaics from the 6th century. The present church was built on the foundations of the early Christian basilica dedicated to St. Petra, which we owe the name of today's Supetar. Supetar's valley dominates the white dome of the Neobrezant Mausoleum of the Petrinovic family, located at the cemetery near the church of St. Nicholas. Beside it are two early Christian sarcophagi, and below the cemetery are the remains of the Roman villae rusricae. Burial, croatia - supetarIst of Supetar is one of the total of 19 preserved early Romanesque churches on the island of Brač, the church of St. Luke from XI. The church is known for the oldest preserved representation of the ship in Dalmatia, engraved on the wall in the interior of the church.

Surrounded by Supetar, most often in the olive groves and vineyards, and elsewhere on the island of Brac, you will notice numerous stone polished, dome-roofed, ground-floor cottages. It is assumed that this is how the first dwellings of the prehistoric man looked like this. Supetar beach Surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings, countless beaches and coves in the surrounding area, quality accommodation in private apartments and villas, rich and varied catering, entertainment and sports and recreational opportunities (football, tennis, diving), Supetar meets the high standards of B & H tourism. From Supetar there are organized excursions to the surrounding islands of Hvar and Vis. Due to its excellent traffic connections with the nearby Split, visitors can explore the rich and famous history of nearby Dalmatian towns such as Trogir, Solin, Omis, Šibenik or visit some of the natural sights of Dalmatia, such as the Cetina River, the Biokovo Mountains and the Krk River.

Today, Sumartin, with 618 inhabitants, for its ferry port, along with Supetar and Bol, is the gateway to the island of Brac. The economy is based on farming, viticulture, olive growing, fishing and tourism. The ferry pier and the connection with Makarska (5 times a day in a tourist season), tourist yachts and local bakeries and a visit to the well-designed monastery museum give the impression of a lively tourist place. Beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea are unbeatable bait for all visitors, and beautiful nature, rich gastronomic offer and homely hospitality guarantee an unforgettable vacation. Clean sea (swimming even in the harbor), fresh fish domestic fishermen's offer, above all beautiful nature, the possibility of contact with the intact nature of the island where healthy food is produced (cheese, honey, lamb, wine) and the possibility of entertainment at nearby Bol make Sumartin attractive residence. In the immediate vicinity of Sumartin there are several quiet and secluded coves (Rasotica, Zukovik, Radovnja, Studena, Zvirje and Spilice) with sandy and pebble beaches.