Luxury Croatia Villas with pools

Luxury Croatia Villas with pools

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Do you feel that your perfect vacation should be in a private apartment on one of the numerous Croatian islands? Croatian Islands, especially interesting because of countless natural beauties, crystal clear sea, beautiful sandy, pebble and rocky beaches and countless coves, is the perfect place to rent accommodation . In our offer we have a rich choice for renting apartments on the islands, and fast and secure online reservation of the chosen apartment. Choose your private accommodation on the island, book an apartment online and spend your dream vacation on the Croatian islands.

Where to rent accommodation on Croatian islands? Croatia has more than a thousand islands, but if you are looking to rent an apartment or private accommodation, opportunities and offers are huge. All in all, only 66 islands are inhabited, and here are some tips for renting villas and apartments on some of the popular islands.

Island of Hvar. The town of Hvar is one of the top destinations on the Adriatic, and there are plenty of rental apartments in the old town as well as several villas on the coast, while the more relaxing option near the town is located in Palmižana, accessible by a water taxi. Stari Grad is the oldest town in Croatia, quiet, and there are many renovated apartments for rent in the historic old town, and Jelsa has apartments overlooking the beautiful harbor and the old town. Also visit Sveta Nedjelja, find and book an apartment in "Land of Wine", the village of Zlatan Otok. For spectacular entry into Croatia, there are several destinations near the airport such as Trogir, near Split. Located just a few minutes by bus from the airport, the old town of Trogir is a world cultural heritage and recently named by National Geographic as one of the 10 best island towns in the world, the old town is actually connected with the rest of this charming city. Sightseeing of Trogir city The walk to the old town is something you should not miss, as well as climbing the bell tower for the absolute best view of the region, while the Kamerlengo Fortress is one of the most impressive Dalmatian buildings on the coast, which was extended from Mlećani after the occupation of Trogir in 1420. Organized sightseeing will last around 90 minutes, and provides a fascinating introduction to Trogir's rich history, including Greek, Roman and Venetian influences.

Island of Brac. There are many stone villas for rent on the island that "gave" to the White House some of its marble stones, but the rent of apartments is still the most popular source of private accommodation on the island of Brac. There are many accommodation options in the most popular place in Bol, while other settlements such as Milna and Supetar also have plenty of private accommodation options like Villen in Dubrovnik, Kroatien .

Island of Korcula. Known as "mini-Dubrovnik", the list of beautifully renovated apartments in the old town continues to grow, while rental of toilets is a special experience. Do not miss the rent of apartments in other places, including Blato in the center, Vela Luka, which is also home to the most interesting caves in the region.

Island of Mljet. With half an island that is a spectacular national park, most people renting accommodation on Mljet seek peace and quiet. The unobstructed access to gorgeous bays and the omnipresent nature, with excellent private accommodation in a settlement such as Babino Polje, Okuklje, Pomena and Prožura, offer you an ideal vacation in Mljet. For spectacular entry into Croatia, there are several destinations near the airport such as Trogir, near Split. Located just a few minutes by bus from the airport, the old town of Trogir is a world cultural heritage and recently named by National Geographic as one of the 10 best island towns in the world, the old town is actually connected with the rest of this charming city. When you have the most famous beach on the Adriatic coast, you do not have to worry too much about tourism, but the town of Bol on Brac has much to offer except the beach Zlatni rat, a beach that changes shape depending on the tide. Looked from the air, it seems to be sandy, but in fact made of fine gravel, and numerous trees provide enough shade from the noon sun.

Bol is the home of the first wine of the Dalmatian co-operative dating from 1903, and its impressive location on the waterfront has recently undergone a major change with the investment of Jako Vino d.o.o. And with their award-winning brand. Take a look at the company and taste the wine (divide up with unique labels), which Bol represents as an important wine destination in Dalmatia. Bol is an important center of activity and is one of the best surfing venues and kitesurfing (kite-surfing), while his sports opportunities boosted the annual Bol Open Tennis Tournament. Bol is connected daily by catamaran to Split and Jelsa on the island of Hvar, and there are plenty of tourist boats to Jelsa, which allow you to "try" a small charming harbor town on the northern coast of Hvar. If the catamaran does not drive, there are frequent buses to Supetar, which will take you to the ferry to Split. There is nothing unusual to see the dolphins beneath the ships on their way to Jelsa and back.

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Islands of Solta and Vis. Less visited but popular neighboring islands such as Hvar and Brac, Solta and Vis form the quartet of the island in front of Split. Both have a great stone tradition, and there are also several top renovated stone villas for rent, as well as private apartments (new and traditional) on offer.

Island of Ciovo. With its close proximity to Split airport and easy access to Trogir, Čiovo is a popular destination, and the island suffered an explosion of apartment buildings ten years ago. Renting of stone villas is harder to find, but newly built apartments are located in settlements like Okrug Donji, Okrug Gornji and Slatina. We do not suspect you have heard about the most famous beach on Brac so far, the Zlatni Rat beach, which features postcards, brochures and is presented as one of the best European beaches. While on Brac you will be witness to an authentic island life, the largest island of Central Dalmatia is a short ferry ride from Split or Makarska. The two main settlements on Brac are Supetar and Bol, which lie at the ends of the island, and there are numerous villages that offer various things to enjoy. We suggest you explore Milna, Pučišće, Skrip, Dol and Sumartin.

One day you have to separate and visit what Croatia is undoubtedly the most famous, a beach that is 4 km from the harbor town of Bol. Visit the beach Zlatni rat and watch how the beach changes its shape depending on the wind and the current. Together with the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, this is truly a perfect image, and the beach is ideal for families. There is an extraordinary white stone on the island, which is made of quarries, and many magnificent buildings are built of this stone, including Diocletian's Palace in Split. In Pučišće you can visit the quarry and rock climbing school so learn all about the stone and pick up nice local souvenirs.

Cultural lovers will guide you to Blaca Monastery. You will need 45 minutes of walking to get to the entrance, but when you enter, you can learn all about the monks who dredged this unique monastery and thus gain insight into how the Glagolitic priests lived for 400 years. Take a trip to Vido up to the sunset. It is the highest peak on the Adriatic islands (778 m), and you will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Hvar, Vis, Korcula and Peljesac. Do you feel adventurous? Then visit the village of Dol and try a local delicacies like a mouse - like grilled meat and served with salad.

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Otoci Krk, Lošinj, Rab i Pag. Otoci u Hrvatskoj su vrlo popularni, a može se naći niz privatnih smještajnih mogućnosti na otocima poput Krka, Lošinja, Raba i Paga. Traži apartman i vilu u sljedećim mjestima: Novalja, Stara Novalja, Povljana (Pag), Mali Lošinj, Veli Lošinj, Nerezine (Lošinj), Krk, Malinska, Vrbnik, Omišalj (Krk), Lopar i Rab (Rab).

New Ibiza, new St. Tropez, a holiday for the rich and famous - Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Prince Harry and Giorgio Armani are one of those who visited the city of Hvar, one of the most exclusive and stylish destinations in Europe. And while the night life is good (do not miss Hula Hula and Carpe Diem), Hvar is a place of culture and tradition. It is a city where organized tourism began in Europe, with the establishment of the Hvar Health Care Society in 1868. It is home to the oldest public theater in Europe, built in 1612, located on the first floor of the Arsenal military-naval building. Hvar is also the only island in the world with four UNESCO heritage sites.

Do not miss climbing the Spanish fort above the city, which gives us a breathtaking view of the old town and the view of the Paklene Islands in front of the city. Here you can rent a water taxi for a variety of pleasures - parties in the Stipanska cove in the Carpe Diem club, one of the best known FKK Jerolim beaches or the amazing cultural oasis of Palmižana, together with the spells as an art gallery and a botanical garden. Tourism has developed in the city, which made "locals" from tourists, who earn money for life from the olive groves, lavender fields, vineyards and, of course, fish from the Adriatic.

Excellent restaurants and various sports activities on Hvar Homemade wines, olive oil and general gastronomy gain more and more international attention, and Armani's luxury fish restaurant Gariful has classified it as 7 diner in the world. To try the traditional local fish dish, ask for "Hawaiian Grenadines". There are many opportunities for various activities, and local "Hvar Adventure" experts will help you take advantage of a range of sports options including bike riding, kayaking, hiking, sailing and rock climbing.

Old Town is a city immersed in history, suitable for all lovers of history. The city was founded in 384 BC by the Greeks, formerly known as Faros. The city is full of cultural and historical treasures, recognized by UNESCO as being included in the list of world cultural heritage. While in the historical center of the Old Town, visit Tvrdalj, a castle built by Petar Hektorović and the Dominican monastery. In addition, the Starogradsko polje, which has been in operation for more than 24 centuries, is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List and something worth visiting.

With so much experience in growing grapes and olives, you should definitely try some of the extraordinary types of wine and olive oil of the island of Hvar. Try the wine Pavet Petric, whose grapes are grown on the Old Town Field. You will be able to drink wine as the ancient Greeks worked 2400 years ago.

Vela Luka is located on the western part of the island of Korcula, at the bottom of the deeply divided and spacious bay. Vela Luka offers its guests with a beautiful unspoilt nature and offers all the advantages of modern tourism, from quality private accommodation (apartments, rooms, holiday homes), excellent catering offerings (seafood specialties and quality wines), up to sports and recreational facilities entertainment. Near the Vela Luka is a small Proizd island. The island, which has crystal clear sea, white rocks and beautiful pebble beaches. The island is covered with pine forests and is linked by footpath to various bays and places for swimming and sunbathing. On the west side of the island there is an interesting cave in the surrounding rock and sea of ​​unique natural beauty. If you want to spend your vacation far away from city noise and hurry, then this place is right for you. The area is dominated by the sea and the pine forests, allowing you to enjoy the untouched natural beauty of the Mediterranean as it used to be.

Cited by the famous Homeric Homeric writer Homer as Kouerto, the city of Krk has a rich history and heritage that is very much on display in the city of museums and historic buildings. It is a beautiful stone town of narrow and charming streets, so you can easily miss it in its beautiful stone with its traditional charm. There are many churches, most important of which is Krka Cathedral. You should also miss the Kamplin square, the Frankopan castle and the square tower dating to the 12th century. Krk has a proud gastronomic tradition, and its most famous autochthonous variety is Žlahtina, and pasta lovers will not miss the opportunity to try the most famous dish on Krk - Šurlice, handmade pasta, which dominates most menus of famous restaurants in the city. Krk is the largest settlement on the island of the same name but it is easy to visit other places on the island, the most interesting of which being Vrbnik, Omišalj and Malinska wines. The island is connected to the mainland bridge and has its own airport, which is named after the nearby town of Rijeka.

Mali Losinj is a town in Croatia located on the south side of the island of Losinj (7th island in size on the Adriatic). Administrative, cultural and financial center of the western part of Kvarner. Mali Losinj is the largest settlement on the island and the largest settlement on all Adriatic islands. Mali Losinj is a coastal resort, located at the bottom of the bay. For nautical tourism is a very important port because it is situated on the waterway between Istria and Dalmatia. In the east lies the town of Veli Losinj, to which is run the road along which there is an uninterrupted row of houses.

Despite the status of the island, Rab is one of the most famous Croatian historical sites with a fascinating and burning history shaped by the attacks of various forces, including Illyrians, Greeks and Romans, Byzantines, Croats, Venetians, Hungarians, Habsburgs and even Napoleon himself. It is a beautiful old stone town situated in a picturesque bay, and at the end of July it is one of the best cultural times to visit when the Rapska fjera is held, together with the monastery competition, because the city of Rab celebrates the liberation of King Ludovic I. Anzuvinac. Raba's tourism has been a fortune and a huge step ahead of the end of 2014 with the first flights of seaplanes to the city of Rab from the Split and Zagreb airports. The island should also be connected to Pula, the airport of Rijeka, Ancona and other destinations, in order to facilitate a simpler visit to the city than before. The 45-minute drive to Split is one of the most dramatic in Europe, flying along the coast and above beautiful Dalmatian cities such as Šibenik, Zadar, Trogir. Raba's rocky center makes it a pleasant and intriguing hiking destination, and there are plenty of organized hiking trips available if you want to have a look at history. Going to the beach is one of the main attractions, Rab is famous for the birth of naturist tourism, after British King Edward VIII and his new wife, Wallace Simpson, rode naked in 1936.